May 24 | 5:00 PM EST 2163 Oak Tree Road, Suite 110, Edison, NJ 08820

Learn the facts on the advantages of true minimally invasive procedures.

Presented By: Kaixuan Liu, MD, PhD

Atlantic Spine Center’s unique less invasive approach to solving back pain revolves around constant change, research, and extreme attention to detail. At our upcoming seminar, we hope to cater to your needs in your individual treatment. If you have any questions about the back pain you are having or are looking for permanent solutions, please join us and let us help guide you down the road to recovery.

* Seminar date and doctors are subject to change
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Here’s what past attendees have to say:

Thousands of People Have Tuned in To Hear Our Experts

Ronald M. Breuer

"The presentation was very informative. I would recommend this presentation to others with back pain."


Carol Hernandez

"The doctor was very helpful. He explained everything I needed to know. The staff was very friendly."


Jose Mojier

"The doctor’s information was very helpful."


Patti Wilson

"Dr. Liu was very helpful and knowledgeable in explaining endoscopic surgery. I would definitely use the doctor for my procedure."


Elliot Schabses

"Having the doctor point out different options for different conditions was very effective. It pointed out two various conditions that I might have. Seeing the MD after the seminar gave me additional insight to my problem and alternative ways on how to treat it."


Linda Ponce

"Educational and progressive. Explained immediately the type of procedure I needed."


Warren Schabses

"The speaker was very informative with regard to endoscopic procedures. The actual viewing of the surgical procedures was quite interesting. Very informative."


Alex Roitman

"My name is Alex Roitman. I came to the seminar to find out more about different options for back problems. As doctors explained many different ways, it certainly relieved some of the fear that many people have. I am certainly convinced that I do not have to live with pain."


Jamie Snyder

"I have to say I am so relieved to have found your expertise!!! You are clearly on the cutting edge of the future of surgery, in general, and in spinal/neural issues. Help me now…. And I will be 'brand new'"


John Carpenter

"I am a licensed practical nurse who also has had several previous surgeries (non-spinal). I found the information provided to be both clear and concise and fully informative. Both surgeons seemed to be both fully competent and buoyed my trust in the surgery."


Joyce Dietrich

"The seminar and my consultation with Dr. K were very informative. I will definitely come back if my symptoms return and are not resolved with epidurals or physical therapy."



"When I recently attended Atlantic Spine’s information session I was very impressed with the staff – the physicians, patient advocate, office staff and the entire team. Everyone was very welcoming and considerate of my time; extremely professional and warm, comfortable atmosphere."


Mike Leo

"I enjoyed the seminar tonight, it gave me knowledge on spinal treatments available by your center. I also understood the doctor and am going to get a MRI the doctor recommended and I will be in touch."


Daniel Cooper

"Seminar was most interesting. It was presented in easy to understand language. No “medicineeze”. Dr. Liu was honest as he could be about treatment. I noticed he looked everyone in the eye as he spoke. He exudes confidence. I look forward to his diagnosis."


Tommy L. Jones

"The seminar was very informative and answered those obvious questions that I couldn't think to ask."


John Wojtkowski

"Very informative about procedure. Interesting in how minimum invasive it is and how disc rupture is removed."


Carol Brinkerhoff

"Came without knowing anything, just having a lot of discomfort. Lecture was informative-presented options of the problem and the solutions. Left with actual things that can be done to address my particular situation."


Cynthia Guzman

"Information was great! Glad to have made it to the seminar. I expect great results."


Feliciano S Rosario

"Interesting, much information to absorb."


Ken Savalia

"Overall, very good - Presentation and video."


Luis Pimpini

"Informational and educational. Thank you for the presentation."


Shelly Ann Raimundo

"The little bit I saw and heard was interesting and I’m hopeful this will work for me."


Jean R. Metelus

"The seminar was very good. Both doctors were very confident so it really was a pleasure for me to attend this seminar. I’m looking forward to follow up."


Anthony Paolini

"Very helpful and insightful presentation. Covered a lot of ground in a short period of time."


Mike Kovalev

"I really loved it. Thank you."


Gerald Salvato

"Dr. Liu was very informative and explained all as to my condition."


Jean Linda Metelus

"The seminar was good. Both doctors were confident."


Anthony Brown

"Very Informative. The physicians were very knowledgeable and explanatory."


Shirley Steiner

"Good overview of procedures. Have a better understanding of my problem."


Charlotte George

"An extremely interesting and enlightening presentation. It increased my knowledge and understanding."


What You Will Learn in this Seminar:

  • How We Diagnose Your Back Condition
  • MRI reviews are available before & after lecture
  • Why Minimally-Invasive is the Best Technique
  • New Technological Advances in Surgery
  • After Surgery / Recovery Time

Join this Seminar and Take Control of Your Back Pain!


Claim Your Free Seat! Attendance is free and you can ask questions afterwards.